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Move, innovate and Collaborate

Move, Innovate and Collaborate, is a 10 week dance-making residency that engages students in an exploration of classroom curriculum through movement and dance-making. Directed by choreographer and dance educator, Sarah Council, students will have the opportunity to experience the joy of movement while participating in problem solving, self expression and collaboration. Working collaboratively, students will create choreography that explores a curriculum area selected by classroom teachers such as science, math, language arts and social studies.

Educators may select from the residency offerings listed below or chose to work with SCDP to create custom content for their classes.
For more information on residencies, scheduling and pricing contact:

Dancing the Story, explores a work of children’s literature through movement and dance making

Dancing the Poem is a creative dance and poetry writing residency that will engage students in an exploration of the poetic form through movement.

Dancing the Painting explores and responds to a work of visual art through dance making.

Dancing Lifecycles, is a science-focused creative dance residency that explores the lifecycles of plant life, animal life or weather through movement and dance making.

Dancing Histories is a creative dance residency that studies a historical event through movement and collaborative dance making.

Dancing Structures explores elements of physics, architecture and design through movement.

Dancing outside of the box explores the practice of performing dances in unconventional spaces.