Grasp/Hold Fast/Hold Sway

Holding Pattern is a collection of three dances that focus on the repeating behaviors we find in and around us. The piece opens with Grasp a solo that explores the terrain of unrelenting thoughts and charts the unfolding of one woman’s mind as she braves her buried memories. 

Choreography: Sarah Council
Performance: Sarah pope
Music: Music -  The Bulgarian State Radio and Television Female Choir

 In Hold Fast two dancers are bound by a constant connection, woven together by limbs and joints as they incessantly wind, unwind, propel and restrict. 

Choreography: Sarah Council
Performace: Jamie Dowd, Laura Isham
Music:Warsaw Village Band

 Through reoccurring images and interactions that range from tender to oppressive, the closing duet, Hold Sway maps a continual struggle for control. 

Choreography: Sarah Council
Performance: Xan Burley, Sarah Pope Music: Zoe Keating